Leaf & Foil Size by Artisan Enhancements ® is bio-based, hypo-allergenic,  low odor, NO VOC, and environmentally sustainable. Leaf & Foil Size is a medium with a long open and tack time (almost indefinitely) to be used for all metallic gilding foils and leafing projects. Once applied Leaf & Foil Size provides a flawless tacky surface for the application of metallic leafing and foils.

Recommended Use: Leaf & Foil Size can be used on previously painted or sealed nonporous surfaces, including furniture and walls. Leaf & Foil Size will not discolor treated surfaces and has been formulated for a smooth and easy application.  Leaf & Foil Size can be applied to fully dried and cured latex, oil, and water based paints. Leaf & Foil Size can also be applied to natural or stained sealed nonporous wood surfaces.