Bio Savvy® Brands was created to fulfill the dream of offering amazing, effective products without harming people, animals or the planet. Our goal is to provide more responsible alternatives to traditional cleaners, stains, architectural coatings, and decorative finishes. Therefore, our mission is to develop products that are as non-toxic and healthy as possible, while inspiring new solutions, reducing our collective impact, and causing no unnecessary harm.

Bio Savvy® products have been to developed to replace widely used products which contain hazardous and toxic chemicals. Although reducing the adverse environmental effects is a key objective for Bio Savvy® Brands, a more crucial concern is the health and well being of our retailers, customers, artisans, designers, and trades people.

The debut Bio Savvy® products were chosen for the initial launch to meet the growing demand for alternatives to chemically toxic traditional cleaners and stains.

Bio Savvy® Stain

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Bio Savvy® Super Solution

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